Trunk Show & Clothing Swap Details

Monday, October 10, 2016

Heeeey guys! You're here! Which means you're showing up on Saturday for the Trunk Show, right?!?!

Awesome. Glad you're coming, it's going to be a fun night.

I've had some questions regarding what the clothing swap is going to look like. What to bring & the rules associated with taking items home. To assist in the process, I'll throw out a little list of what to bring & expect so you can show up fully charged and ready to throw down your neglected clothes and scoop up something amazing in exchange.

1. Bring your clothing/shoes/accessories/bags that are in good condition.
Essentially, the items that you would want to find. If everyone does this there will be lots of great things to go around. Quality over quantity.

2. Be fair!
School yard rules apply here. If you bring a couple of items to the table and leave with 3 bags full and all of the nice scarves, you probably over shot the mark. I'm not the police, so I'm relying on your good ol' fashioned judgment to do the right thing.

3. Understand that anything left after the show will be donated to a Women's shelter in Hamilton.
So feel good about what you're leaving behind! Check out the organization here

4. The clothing swap is free(!) but there will be reasonably priced items for sale. 
clothing, shoes, accessories, & bags for sale as part of the Trunk Show, so bring some cash and/or credit cards and have fun digging up something great.

5. I am making the rounds on an advance clothing pick up on Wednesday night!
If you want to clear out your closet early, shoot me an e-mail and I will swing by and pick up what you have. This is helpful so there are some things ready for the party's kick-off.

Questions and pick-up requests can be sent to me at:

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  1. Looking forward to this! I hope its the first of many!


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