Juuuust in case you've wondered what all the fuss is about, here is what some of my clients have said:

Char provided an invaluable consultation about my wardrobe .  I felt that I had been missing the mark in terms of the professional image that I wanted to portray as a business owner.  This was affecting my confidence going into meetings. Char and I went through my professional wardrobe piece by piece, identifying things that didn’t fit, colours that didn’t work, and gaps in key items like jackets, shoes and accessories.  We put different outfits together to give me ideas for how to be creative with my choices.  She took pictures so that I would remember the combinations we came up with. Finally, Char made suggestions about where to find the different pieces that I was missing. The service Char offered was worth every penny! 
-Dianne Tyers (MA, MBA, PhD), President and CEO, Advance Consulting for Education, Inc.

What a fun experience! Having conversations about possible styles and colours gave me more confidence to be creative in the way I dress! I was amazed by how many cute outfits could be possible using my own clothes! The follow up email was just the cherry on the cake! So easy to understand what I need to make my wardrobe even more wearable! Thanks Char! 
-Luciana (Oakville, On)

 I met Char through a mutual friend. In a casual conversation I mentioned the woes I have finding clothes that fit me for the same price points, all my girlfriends, who have more standard sizes can find. When you have size 11 feet, men's shoes are a depressing option that always feels too wide. Cute, fun, shoes never seem to make their way up the number scale, and the odd pair that do, seem to out grow cute as they climb in size. When your pants aren’t the standard 32’ inseam, online ordering and paying full price seem to be your best option. My favourite gripe however, may be that while having a larger chest size might be a stereotype of a ‘blessing’, in the fashion world, it’s a curse! Buying shirts always require bra and bust considerations, and often the awesome shirt ends up back on the hanger for an ‘average bust’ woman to wear. Char, who didn’t know my actual size or measurements, used her crazy magic and created a full wardrobe for me, complete with AWESOME leather boots! And all for the prices my girlfriend’s boast about on their shopping sprees! How could this be? To say I was shocked and impressed by Char’s obvious talent was an understatement! After all, it had taken me 20 years to learn what clothes work for my body, and even still I often get it wrong. But Char, just listening to me and meeting me once, came back with multiple complete outfits that fit me like a glove, were my style and somehow my size! I honestly couldn’t believe it! I LOVED EVERYTHING! And the best part was that she just delivered it all to me. I hadn’t spent any of my time or effort in finding them and mySpring wardrobe was done! Further, I felt so comfortable expressing all of my physical insecurities that I actually liked telling Char, as she always had clothing solutions for me. Her sense of humour, compassion, talent and professionalism is unprecedented. If you struggle with clothes fitting your body, Char is a clothes whisperer and well worth the hire! 
-Jean (Hamilton, On.) 

Save time and money (really!) - I find shopping arduous and overwhelming. I never know what my size is (it varies from brand to brand) and the clothes that I think look good in the dressing room I often later regret buying because they don't fit well, are poor quality, or don't go with the stuff I already own. Hence, lots of frustration around clothes, and wasted money. Char has some magical ability to pick out clothes that fit me perfectly (even without me present). It's kind of amazing. She also takes into account my 'style', my personality, and the activities that keep me busy from day to day. Char arrives at my door with 1-2 bags of clothes, chosen specifically for me, and many items are absolute scores from the sale racks. I try everything on, set aside the things like/need and she returns the rest. She also gives me great suggestions on how to pair certain items and I take photos so there's no more wondering in frustration "what am I going to wear?" Because she chooses clothes so well AND does the shopping for me, I don't regret the purchases and I don't have to endure a visit to the mall. Hence, time and money saved. YES!!! Char picks out clothes for me and my husband now (he's the last person on the planet you might think would have a personal shopper), and she helped me build a minimalist wardrobe that works across the seasons. I didn't realize what how frustrating I found clothes shopping to be, until I didn't have to do it anymore. 
-L.D. (Dundas, On) 

I was at an awkward time in my life where my post pregnancy weight had not come off, despite that my baby was now toddler. My wardrobe was a uniform of black yoga pants (that never saw a mat), t-shits, and sweaters. Enter Char. I never would have considered hiring a fashion consultant while I was still in a transitional body! But it was actually during that time that I needed her help the most! It’s so much harder to shop for yourself when you’re consumed by the steady flow of self-criticisms that standing in tight fitting clothing, under florescent lighting, in small dressing rooms can ignite! It’s so discouraging! And while at that time, I couldn’t justify spending money on clothes that ultimately I wanted not to fit me, thanks to Char, I honoured the truth we like to ignore; we need to love the body we have today! And for the price of ordering a pizza, a momentary pleasure, I had a piece of clothing or accessory that I could wear over and over again, which made me feel confident and worthy every time I put it on! Thanks Char! The personal shopping you did for me, helped me feel like myself again! I stopped hiding in the shadows of black, stretchy cotton, and ironically the confidence I got from the new clothes made my weight loss efforts gentle, and dare I say: easy! 
-Maureen (Dundas, On) 

I was gifted a session with Char from a dear friend who had had such a great experience with Char and wanted to spread the love. I didn't know what to expect because I had never done anything like this before. From the beginning Char put me at ease and I felt 100% comfortable working with her. What I appreciated was that we looked for ways to put 'outfits' together using the clothes I already had and fill in the 'gaps',  so I didn't feel like I needed to go out a by a whole new wardrobe. During the 'outfit' making stage, Char was able to teach me some useful fashion tips which I now apply when buying clothes and looking to create new looks on my own. Working with Char was easy and informative and I highly recommend working with her. 
-Tara (Dundas, On)   

Buying a present for a friend or family member is such struggle these days! Especially when we actually care and want to give them something special, something that a gift card doesn’t exactly express. WARDROBE CONSULTANT! I had heard of Char’s business, and when I met her I knew she was perfect! Her approachability, insightful and talented nature, made her the perfect gift to give my girlfriend! A friend who while had beautiful pieces of clothing, didn’t exactly know how to put things together. Char went through her clothes and accessories and compiled Pinterest worthy outfits, explaining key principals as she went along, and noting what items to be on the lookout for when shopping in the future. In the end, my girlfriend had ditched the clothes didn’t work for her, and learned how to make the ones she had, create the looks she wanted! Ladies, get a bottle of wine, make the bed and pull out the clothes, Char is the ultimate gift when you’ve tired of giving certificates for the spa! It really was a blast! Thanks Char! We both learned a lot! 
-MF (Dundas, On)

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