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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The first time I meandered into 7th Heaven Fashion Exchange, in my cozy little town of Dundas, Ontario, I was expecting a regular consignment store. A place to root through racks of mediocre second-hand clothes and maybe turn up an interesting article of clothing, or like, a cool belt, and be on my merry way, fashion find in hand. What I found instead was Beth and her amazing fashion oasis.

Allow me to explain....

7th Heaven Fashion Exchange is not a consignment store and it's not a thrift shop. Owner Beth, buys her clothes outright from ladies looking to sell off their lightly worn clothing, shoes, and accessories, and then sells them in her shop. In adopting this business model, she is able to strategically and lovingly select the items she wishes to re-sell, so in effect, everything is carefully curated. And buds, 

Beth is big on "funk factor." 

I love this necklace, such a great accessory
I walked into the store on a drizzly spring morning and felt like I was entering a good friend's home. There was a fire going in a fireplace, which was sitting in front of a beautiful leather couch. Scarves, bags, and amazing boots rested in and around open armoires and from behind a big wooden counter a friendly voice said "Hey! Coffee's on, want a cup?" 

Beth is big on leather, aaaaall sorts of leather
Whaaaaaaat?!?! Yup. Heaven.    

Sweater, shoes, skirt, belt, bag, all from 7th Heaven, modeled by my lovely sister, Amanda

As I poked around the store, coffee in hand, I quickly realized this wasn't an ordinary store; it was clearly the physical manifestation of someone's creative life's passion and joy. Beth. 

This isn't Beth, this is still Amanda... but check out the great shoes!
Beth has intentionally created a shop with a "warm friendly atmosphere," a place that feels like a "great, cool, chick hangout," so that women feel liberated to shop and joyfully try on and discover new things. When talking about her shop's vision and purpose, you get the distinct sense that Beth's objective is to help the women who come into her shop, feel loved, nurtured, and excited about what they find. If you ask her, she'll tell you she's not a "label-snob," (but she still manages to bring some heavy-hitting labels: Louboutin anyone?!?) that she's interested in good quality (lots of great leather...), and unique items; but that she's priced things in such a way that everybody can find something (no word of a lie, my last purchase was a, $11 Banana Republic shirt). 

This is me... note the impressed look... Banana Republic shirt and turquoise bag, both from 7th Heaven
Which, coincidentally, is why she carries a range of sizes from 0-XXL, she's not elitist, she's inclusive. 

Terraware coat and fun bangle
What I like about Beth, is that she's all heart; bundled up in great style, with a no-nonsense attitude. I have the distinct feeling at if I were to try on an article of clothing that was ill-fitting, she'd urge me to try on something else and then, bring those "other things" to the change-room. She's like the good friend you always want to take shopping, except, it's her store.

Treasure hunting anyone?!?
I also really like that she has taken fashion, something that she is passionate about, and turned it into her career, but, BUT, in order to maintain a good work/life balance she made the executive decision to open the store from Wednesday to Saturday and remain closed the other three days. A ballsy move! As someone who came back into the workforce after 25 years at home and now manages her shop and still cares for aging parents, Beth is a gleaming example of prioritizing what's most important, while also pursuing the challenge of life's big, creative adventures. 

Bottom line guys: she's really cool and so is her store. 

I'm always in the mood for a good pair of cowboy boots. You?
Next time you're in town, wander on in, it's a complete joy, promise. 

Black cocktail dress with Louboutin pumps


7th Heaven Fashion Exchange: 5 King St. East, Dundas, ON.

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