Take Up Thy Shears

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Cutting your own hair is like being the first one to jump into a cold pool; at some point we're more than likely going to think about it, but not everyone is going to drive in...

This isn't like, reeeeal bravery. As in, "I work on the front lines," type of bravery. But taking some scissors to my coiffure needed to happen. It's been almost a year since my last haircut and it's so long it takes a whole day to completely dry and it gets caught in everything: the back of the hairdryer, zippers, my armpits, car doors, eeeverywhere. 

Plus, I've started looking more like an Outlander character then I care to admit. 

"I've been home in quarantine Claire, I have to cut my hair!"    "Don't do it, you'll surely regret it."
SO, I did what any responsible woman would do given our new set of circumstances, I youtube-d how to cut layers in long hair for a total of seven minutes. This french guy was less than inspiring BUT I found an easy tutorial that wasn't poorly shot and easy to follow, so *JUMP* in I went.


My hair doesn't suck, there aren't any bald spots, and I took enough bulk out that it feels fresh and less fried at the ends! ***RELIEF***

I know it would have been bad-ass to show you a super edgy short haircut, but guys(!) I cut three inches off my own hair UPSIDE DOWN. I'm tapping out. 

Let's leave the extreme bravery for those fighting the real battles these days. 


Video Produced By: Right Side Studios

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