Home Design & Staging, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Consulting & Wardrobe Editing.

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Home Staging/Design 
Looking to sell your home or just need a superb refresh? Let's talk! I excel in creating environments that are warm, functional, stylish, practical, and luxurious on any budget. It doesn't matter if you live grand & large or happy & small, amazing design can be achieved at all levels. Enjoy your home to the fullest now, or call me and we'll work to make your home it's shiny best to sell!

Wardrobe Consulting 
A wardrobe consultation is exactly as it sounds; I will come into your home for a 3 hour, flat-rate consultation. During this time we pull out your clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, you name it, it all comes out. Then we work on putting new outfits together. I find most people tend to wear and re-wear familiar combinations of clothes because it's easy or quick, but they have a plethora of interesting or totally wearable clothes gathering dust. We will figure out what styles work best for your lifestyle and identify the direction you'd like to take your style going forward.

Part of my job then, is to figure out where the gaps are in your existing wardrobe and send you a follow-up e-mail with the items you need to make your current wardrobe wearable. In this e-mail I will also send you recommendations for the places to find your missing pieces.

From this point, you are free to shop away! Or... send me! Which clips me right along to: Personal Shopping.

Personal Shopping
Personal Shopping is charged at an hourly rate with a 2-hour minimum fee; the first hour counts towards commuting to/from stores and any returns that need to be made. The second hour is dedicated to shopping for you! Some may see personal shopping as an elite service, I see it as a practical way to update your wardrobe in a time efficient and creative way. I will always factor in personal budgets and opt for a tailor made shopping plan that locates the right clothes for the right price. I am a sale rack hound and I love finding ways to creatively save you money.

Wardrobe Editing
Wardrobe editing consists of time spent sorting through your existing clothes and seeing what fits, what doesn't, what looks good, and what needs to be updated. We can sieve through the whole closet, or just a season's worth of clothes, this is entirely up to you. It's an excellent way to look at your existing style with a fresh pair of eyes and see if you truly need to invest in purchasing updates or if you're really to roll just as you are!

For more information and pricing please call or text 289-242-1384 or e-mail 

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