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Home Staging & Design 

Looking to sell your home or just need a superb refresh? Let's talk! I excel in creating environments that are warm, functional, stylish, practical, and luxurious on any budget. It doesn't matter if you live grand & large or happy & small, amazing design can be achieved at all levels. Enjoy your home to the fullest now, or call me and we'll work to make your home it's shiny best to sell!

Home Staging Consultation: 

I work within your budget and timeline to put together a plan for creating a home environment that will photograph well to bring people into your home. The more views, the more offers. It's that simple. Depending on your unique budget and timeline we will discuss:
  • Home editing (what to keep, replace, pack away)
  • Furniture placement
  • Artwork placement
  • Landscaping 
  • Interior and exterior painting 
  • Purchasing of finishing touches (how to make your home look like its from a magazine!)
Unlike traditional home staging companies who create a generic environment, we will work together to make your home the best version of your style! Any purchasing or upgrades I suggest will be based on your style and preferences so you can utilize all design decisions in your next home. Nothing is wasted. 
  • Home Staging Consultation: Flat rates start at $500 (Contact Char for a quote on your home) 
  • Personal Shopping: $90/hour (2 hour min.)
Need me to run out and pick up all of the necessary items to finish off your home so it's ready to sell? I offer an hourly rate so you can have the work done for you!  
  • Design Consultation: $90/hour (2 hour min.)
Are you interested in making design changes in your home? I offer an hourly rate so we can work through projects, designs, home-editing ideas or organizational restructuring to make your home the best version of itself. 

For more information and pricing please call or text 289-242-1384 or e-mail 

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