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Monday, November 28, 2022

Walking downtown Dundas this past summer with a coffee in hand, living my very best decadent life, I passed two large gleaming storefront windows encompassed by the most perfect shade of turquoise and a crisp black awning with the words "Oliver & Co. Home" scripted in white, and thought to myself, "hey beautiful store front, where did you come from???" 

Fresh and French style in the Dundas downtown core

Walking into Oliver & Co. Home I felt Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wandering into Oz for the first time with the feeling like, "oh, I'm not in Dundas anymore..."
Textured & Tactile
If hospitality, generosity, and luxury had a scent it would be this store. Allow me to explain.

This line of candles & diffusers from the U.K smell ah-maz-ing
A light and open space, with beautiful glass Maison Berger lamps sparkling in the sunlight, candles, pillows lining a french armoire, lotions, books, housewares perfectly arranged on custom made display cabinets, against a clean white backdrop and lit by crystal chandeliers. This store is literal retail perfection. And I say 'perfection' because the store isn't just amazing to behold, walking in I was welcomed by two friendly smiling faces and warm greetings: owner Kathryn Kaiser and business associate Mike Brownson.  

Exposed brick backing a French provincial wardrobe... bliss

Former Realtor partners, Kathryn and Mike have used their full spectrum skill sets to love this retail space in the heart of Dundas into being. It is a true passion project and you can feel the love when you walk into the store. Named after Kathryn's adorable dog Ollie, a Bichon-Poo with the sweetest little face, you get the sense right off the bat, even from the name, that Kathryn has focused the joy in her life to bring into our town what makes her happy, and by proxy we all become the benefactors.   

Meet Ollie! The much loved pup that inspired a whole store
Kathryn, who is kind, warm-hearted with such a welcoming personality, has lived in New York, Thailand, Germany, and Greece. As well has traveled extensively in France, Italy, and England. A real Metropolitan woman, she has literally lived and breathed the European ideology of simple luxury and appreciation of fine things as a way of life. After obtaining a university major in visual merchandising from Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson University) with business courses in marketing and buying, Kathryn went on to work in sales while working and living abroad. Eventually settling into the world of real estate and partnering up with Mike Brownson the two making a dynamic and cohesive team.
Kathryn Kaiser living her best life

Then along came Covid and with it, the time and space to evaluate her life and *BAM* Oliver & Co. Home quickly became a gleaming reality. From the moment of deciding to dive into the retail world to the grand opening in the summer of 2022, guys, Kathryn and Mike launched after only 6 MONTHS! And not a detail was overlooked. 

Since the summer launch, I have had a few months to get acquainted with the store from top-to-bottom and so I feel confident in saying Kathryn could run a masterclass on launching a successful retail business. She is fearless in the level of quality she aspires to on every level of her store. She has impeccable taste and a clear love of beautiful design. Everything is such high quality but she wraps up purchases like they are a personal and loving gift; ribbon and stripped tissue overflowith. The sense I had immediately is that the level of quality this store holds puts it in the realm of longstanding retail legends (Tiffany & Co. say whaaat?). There is a sense of confident security and permanency that makes it feel as though Oliver & Co. Home has always been around and yet, they are more of an 'all-of-a-sudden.' Which is just remarkable.   

First Christmas launch: elegant & inspired
Let me use this moment to introduce you to Mike Brownson, the lovely man who really does it all. For real... Who renovated the stunning space that is now Oliver & Co. Home? Mike. Who is the resident expert on Maison Berger lamps and their amazing history? Mike. Who knows about imported Scottish wool blanket and scarf clan tartans and the name and detailed descriptions of almost all items in the store? Yep. Mike. 

Mike Brownson, expert on every square inch of Oliver & Co. Home
It didn't take me very long to discover that most roads at Oliver & Co. Home lead back to Mike. He is faithful, kind, hardworking, multi-skilled and laughs easily. A true friend and business compadre. We all don't get very far in this life without loving support. Someone who will row as hard we row, who will show up no matter what, and partner with us come hell-or-high-water to realize our dreams and help will them into reality. It's by grace that Kathryn and Mike have found this and it's really evidenced in the intricate details in the store.

Oliver & Co. Home ready for the holiday season!
Clean, fresh, joyful, beautiful, warm, and inviting. What more can I say about Oliver & Co. guys? 

 Go! I'll meet you there. Latte in hand.


Oliver & Co. Home 56 King St. W. Dundas, Ontario.



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