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Monday, September 26, 2016

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I'm not sure when exactly it occurred... The addition of nonsensical symbols into popular culture (other than logos); fashion, home decor, you name it, it's all been branded with ever changing symbols that signify the beginning or end of a trend.

And it's GENIUS for the manufacturers and re-sellers and every little person down the line, because it means that once you buy your stag-head: pillows, throws, t-shirt, earrings, & candle holders,

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you have exactly 3-6 months before they powers-that-be turn and swap out the outdoorsy and proud stag motif, to something like... CHEVRONS!

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Screw you deer face pillow, we've moved onto graphic, symmetrical, and on trend inane chevrons! Now we will aaall notice who still is clutching onto the 2013 arrow trend,

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and make sure we shame them into buying the latest symbol of the on-trend shopper.

As someone who pays attention to the world around me, I am sensitive to trends and when to participate in them, but I certainly don't live and die by what's widely marketed in any particular moment.

Trends or the idea of being trendy, to me feels a little bit like old school playground dynamics rearing their ugly head in the adult world.

"Hey... are those reeeeal Doc Martens...?"
"I think so, my mom bought them..."
"Oh, ya?!? How much were they???"

<<<insert loud raspberry sound here>>>

When you're choosing your own style, I feel like you should ask yourself if you like it because you've been told it's on trend, or if it actually represents who you are.

If you feel like you're a wide-leg trouser kinda girl with a plaid collared shirt tucked in and it happens to be skinny-jean and swampy-droopy knits mania; wear the trousers. If you really like how a cross-body bag looks on your frame, do it. It doesn't matter if it's on trend.

I think real style is the ability to have confidence in who you are and what you're wearing. 

Admittedly, there is some crossover, which is totally fine! I've called out trend symbols here, but if you feel in your heart that chevrons, or infinity symbols, or stag heads are a true representation of who you are, wear the hell out of them!

Oooh, let's make confidence the next trend... Or, you can hop right into, what? Where are we now?


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Well then, wear whatcha like.


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