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Monday, September 19, 2016

In my 'About' page, I mention that I want to inspire women (or men!), to lovingly put together a wardrobe or style that you love. Inspire you to live a creative life that incorporates a style that is uniquely you.

There are many ways to do this and I will be rolling out a series of posts about how to figure out your personal style, if this is an area where you feel lost. But to start, I think I'd like to strip the idea down to your skivvies.


No, I don't want your naked pictures, it's a metaphor, stay with me guys...

Body image is such a fundamental part of how we dress and how we see ourselves in (and out) of our clothes. When you look in the mirror do you see sags, bumps, muffin-tops, and general imperfections? Or do you see a shape that has been hard won? A body that has maybe had kids, or been in an accident, or lines from years of stress & laughter?

Are you telling yourself that you shouldn't wear a sleeveless top because you have waggly underarms? Or you won't put on a stylin' hat because now you're standing out in a crowd when you'd rather blend in? 

Before we even put on one stitch of actual clothing we already have some serious ideas about what our bodies are or aren't allowed to be/do/look like/or project.

I have an issue with this.

We can't get dressed and expect to dig what we're doing in the world if our first thoughts of the day are gut-punches telling us we're not worthy to look a certain way.


It is my loud opinion that we need to make friends with our bodies. Our bodies change, yes. We have kids and our tummies pooch out, get marked up, and maybe sag. Our metabolisms fluctuate. We have health concerns, like thyroid disease, that affect our weight. We used to work out, now we don't because we're too busy. We're old! We just got older. It happens.

This all doesn't mean we can't be cool with ourselves.

If you're happy with yourself, just as you are in this moment, you'll eat healthier, you'll get out and move more, you will want to shave those legs, wax that upper lip, and put on a smoking hot outfit juuuust because you are someone worth putting effort into.

A healthy lifestyle built on self-acceptance and not guilt or shame.

Who Knew?


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