Fall Design Challenge: The Cheap Seats

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oooooh, can you feel it? Can you smell it?!? Fall is here. Lovely, delicious, crunchy, cool, delightful fall. There aren't too many things I nerd out about, fall is one of them. 

The fall is like a nonjudgmental friend; 

"What do you want to wear today? You won't be hot wearing those layers... go ahead, put on a scarf."

"Hey there little buddy! Would you like another warm drink while you walk around outside and not get all sweaty? Do it, it's fine." 

It calmly transitions the crazy busy summer months into the festive Christmas season with promises of long walks and the ensured consumption of fat and delicious poultry and crispy, juicy apples. 

See?!?! I nerd out.

SO, when it comes to decorating for fall, I'm aaaaall in. I wanna see corn, pumpkins, and all things smelling of cinnamon. But I want to do it on the cheap and I don't have a bucket load of time to spend laboring over fussy crafts or killing time in home decor stores; I want to do the whole thing quickly. 

Yes, I want it quick and cheap. Whaaaaat?!? No. I mean... *cough* 

I'm on a budget and I don't have a lot of time to execute my plans. Better? Good. 

So here was the challenge:

COST: $60ish

Aaaaaand GO!

First Stop: The Dollar Store for wreath craft supplies. I could have gone to Michaels and done up a wreath Martha Stewart would brag about (she's totally a saucy braggart), but then I would be spending the equivalent amount to a shiny new store bought version (have you priced out nice wreaths lately? $45-$90+ is average), so I threw myself that the mercy of the dollar store gremlins and tried my luck with what they had in stock. I came out with a pretty decent haul and spent all of 10 minutes choosing my craft supplies.

The straw concentric circles were too small to fashion into a front door wreath so I played with the arrangement and came up with this:

Sort of weird, sort of interesting; likely my best shot at a half-decent arrangement and not wanting to fuss anymore, I went with it.

Ribbons came next and honestly, ribbon-ing is not my bailiwick.


So, I just tied some knots, threw down a bunch of hot glue and it came out on the lazy side of passable.

 In the end the total cost of the wreath was $15 and took about an hour. A total of 10 minutes to shop for the supplies and about 45 minutes to glue it all into submission.

The circles are still a bit weird, but, meh. Done. Moving on. 

Holland Park Garden Gallery, our local garden centre in Dundas, was my second stop. The hope was hay bales, corn stalks, and two potted mums. Upon arrival I was happy to see the cosmos was on board with "Operation Fall."

BAM! Fifteen minutes later (including the 5 minutes I spent behind a lovely senior in line trying to figure out her debit card), I was the proud owner of all my list items. Aaaaaall right, full disclosure: I only bought one corn stalk trying to be cheap and thinking I would go for the A-symmetrical vibe. But when I got home and set everything up, it looked dumb. So I went back and bought one more. The whole second trip added another 20 minutes to the venture.

I already had a couple of bags of soil left over from the summer for planting the mums, so when all was said and done; the outside set up took about an hour-and-a-half. Including all of the running around! Not bad!

The rusty folk art crow fountain was mine already and is courtesy of The Kitchen Witch (also in Dundas), but the rest is all new!

In the end I spent a total of $74, $14 over budget and it took me about two-and-a-half hours. Pretty decent!

Now, where's the pumpkin spice latte???



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